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nemodeTracking biodata: sharing and ownership is a pilot research led by Dr Aristea Fotopoulou (PI), and funded by the RCUK Digital Economy Nemode network. The project examines social and policy implications of emerging models of sharing and ownership, in relation to the use of personal data & biodata for medical research and other purposes. It focuses on a) user practices and b) online service provision models  of personal data analytics and self-tracking. It involves interviews and participant observation with specific Silicon Valley internet start-ups & Quantified Self actors in the San Francisco area. The project is attached to a research placement at the Science and Justice Research Center, University of Santa Cruz, in Spring 2014.

Aristea Fotopoulou (Twitter: @aristeaf, Personal research blog: Looping Threads) is postdoctoral Research Fellow based at the University of Sussex (Media Department), working at the intersections of media & cultural studies with science & technologies studies. She is interested in critical aspects of digital culture, emerging technologies and social change. She is also currently involved in:

EPINET Integrated Assessment of Societal Impacts of Emerging Science and Technology from within Epistemic Networks (FP7-SCIENCE-IN-SOCIETY-2012– European Commission), in a media analysis of three emerging technologies – smart grids, wearable sensors and in-vitro meat (Research Fellow).

– Susnet: Sustaining networked knowledge – feminist media production, art and activism, funded by the Digital Economy ‘Communities and Culture’ Network+. The network brings together feminist cultural production, art and activist practices and enables exchanges between different researchers, activists, artists and dimensions of community. It aims to produce a sustainable co-created digital platform for critical and creative conversations about digital engagement (Researcher CoI).

– Horizon Scoping Study Digital expertise, literacy and knowledge funded by EPSRC/CCN+ (See Scoping study report for the Digital Economy ‘Communities and Culture’ Network+ (CCNetwork+): Literacy, Expertise & Knowledge Scoping Report) (Research Assistant).

Dr Eleftherios Zenerian works as Research Assistant in this project. He is based at the School of Law, Politics and Sociology (University of Sussex), and has recently successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Work and sociality in Brighton’s new media sector” (Sociology), which examines the social relationships forming amongst new media practitioners in Brighton’s new media cluster and their practices inside and outside of work. By utilising a Bourdieuian perspective, Zenerian demonstrates that peer relationships can be understood as means through which new media practitioners can realise the aspirations inscribed into their habitus and, furthermore, pursue strategies available to them on the basis of objective positions they occupy within the new media field. Zenerian holds a MSc in Comparative and Cross-Cultural Research Methods (University of Sussex), a MSc in European and International Studies (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), and BA (Hons) in Political Sciences and Public Administration (Department of Political Sciences and Public Administration, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens). During 2012-2013, Zenerian was involved as Research Administrator in the project Horizon Scoping Study Digital expertise, literacy and knowledge funded by EPSRC/CCN+. During 2011-2102 he acted as Sage Research Hive Scholar, and he has taught several Sociology and Politics courses in the School of Law, Politics and Sociology, University of Sussex


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