Talk at OpenLab, UCSC 19 February 2014

During my NEMODE research placement, the Art Department Chair Jennifer Parker and UCSC OpenLab invited me to give a talk about my work on the current landscape of wearable sensors and digital culture. The presentation was mainly addressed to postgraduate and PhD students of the Digital Arts programme, who are developing a collaborative art installation in which they plan to employ wearable sensors. For this session, I presented a media analysis of FitBit, a cloud-based fitness tracking device, and discussed emerging self-management behaviours – this work is part of collaborative research undertaken for the EPINET project, and will be presented in detail in a jointly authored forthcoming peer-reviewed publication. A Q&A followed, where students and researchers had the opportunity to ask detailed questions about wearable devices, and the critical issues around their use. The experience was useful since it opened up the material for discussion to artists. It also enabled me to develop a connection with the Digital Arts Department in UCSC, whereas plans for further collaborations (joint publication) were also discussed.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014 – 2:00pm – 3:00pm




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