Investing on startups focusing on the medical decision making

Claremont Creek Ventures: Investing in Tomorrow’s Health 12 Feb 2014, at Rackspace Studios, SFO

Ted Driscoll about focusing on how medical decision making is changing within the medical practitioners’ room, rather than on consumers.

“I’ve been investing in digital health start-ups because I think that’s one of the most interesting places where IT is  affecting our lives”.

“I think that genetics, non-invasive prenatal testing will become the entrance ramp to the electronic data medical records and to better medicine, as we learn the personalisation of that baby has their board”.

Other themes: Personalised healthcare that results from this big data revolution. The genome is not changing, once it’s done it’s done. Cancer diagnostics and sensors that trace cancer proteins before cells become metastatic (GigaGen?). Prenatal genetic testing (Natera).FDA and 23andMe. People writing genetic code in the way they write computer code in the future and the ethical implications of that. Surveillance and sensors.

Video description: Health and technology have always crossed paths and it seems like everyday there are new groundbreaking advances that are accomplished. For Ted Driscoll, his role in Claremont Creek Ventures as the Director of the healthcare side of the business is to see how healthcare professionals can make better decisions with the use of technology.

Company info: Claremont Creek Ventures is a seed and early-stage venture capital firm investing in digital solutions that transform essential, broad-impact industries.


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